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Join the Cancer Research Foundation, Wednesday May 5, 2021 5:30 – 6:15 pm.

Megan Zegler

The Cancer Research Foundation’s Board of Directors are excited to invite you to meet Dr. Alex Pearson, and learn more about his innovative cancer research. Dr. Pearson’s lab integrates clinical expertise, mathematical modeling, high dimensional statistics, and basic tumor biology methods to investigate and propose new treatments for head and neck cancer. Dr. Pearson will discuss recent research from his team which uses a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning to uncover hidden treatment targets instantly from standard diagnostic pathology samples.

Alexander T. Pearson, MD, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine – Hematology and Oncology at UChicago Medicine.

Dr. Pearson is a 2017 Cancer Research Foundation Young Investigator, and we are proud of his bold work.

Please join us as we welcome Alex!

Click here to email Megan at CRF to reserve your spot!