Megan serves as the Cancer Research Foundation’s  Administration Manager. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University. Megan has a varied background in accounting, office management, and catering. She started a small design firm with her husband and has managed all of the corporate, office and financial documents pertaining to the running of a small company. She also has had an entrepreneurial stint as a caterer – working with two of her sisters in an independent, local catering company and café.

Again, Megan’s business training came to good use in that small, family start-up company which they later sold. Megan also has extensive work experience in accounting and has worked for several companies in their finance departments. As a mother of four, Megan has now turned her career focus in to a desire to making a difference. The Cancer Research Foundation is an opportunity for her to use her skills working for an organization that has the power and desire to have an impact on society.

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