Small Molecule Screens to Identify Inhibitors of the
 Human Papilloma Virus Oncoprotein E6

Human papilloma virus (HPV) causes many types of epithelial cancers including cervix cancers, head and neck cancers, anal cancers and skin cancers. Worldwide, HPV causes cancer in more than one in twenty oncology patients. However, effective treatments are lacking because the best cytotoxic chemotherapies induce a response in only one in four patients with metastatic disease. Furthermore, this response lasts only a few months and there is even a debate as to whether the current chemotherapies prolong the lives of patients with metastatic HPV-derived cancer. Our overall goal is to identify new compounds that may specifically target HPV-induced tumors. In this proposal, we are requesting funds to help optimize these systems and to use these systems in initial screens to identify new compounds that target these proteins. The long term goal is to develop these compounds into new drugs that may augment or even replace current therapies against cancers caused by HPV.