precision t-cell
 immunotherapy to cancer

President Obama announced the ‘precision medicine initiative’ in January of 2015, and this proposed research will focus on ‘precision T-cell immunotherapy to cancer.’ CD8+ killer T cells are major mediators of anti-tumor immunity. However, little is known about how CD8+ killer T cells respond to cancer cells, especially their number, frequencies, specificities, sequences, phenotypes and functionalities in cancer patients. Thus, this projects aims to precisely measure these important properties at the single-cell level. Investigators will first use their newly developed high-avidity peptide-MHC dodecamer reagents to sensitively and specifically detect, quantify and isolate tumor antigen-specific CD8+ T cells from lymphoma patients. They will then further apply state-of-the-art single-cell sequencing technologies to simultaneously determine the T cell receptor sequences and functional phenotypes of these CD8+ T cells at the single-cell level. The quantitative knowledge acquired from this study is critical to the development of the next generation of precision medicine for cancer immunotherapy.