Bernice Goldblatt

At The Cancer Research Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 1997, Stanford Goldblatt announced the establishment of the Bernice Goldblatt Fellowship, a $1 million dollar gift from the Cancer Research Foundation to the University of Chicago. This permanent endowment provides annual income to be used to support a first year graduate student in the Biological Sciences Division who is a candidate for a Ph.D. to be issued by the Committee on Cancer Biology. Each year this student will be known as the Bernice Goldblatt Fellow.

Glenn D. Steele, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., then Dean of the University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division said of the Goldblatt Fellowship: “With this gift the Goldblatt family continues its legacy of generosity and determination to find a cure for cancer. We are especially delighted to name the fellowship program for Bernice Goldblatt, who has been so supportive of our work. The endowment helps us address one of our highest priorities – attracting and supporting the best and brightest students.”

Recent Fellows are listed below. Click HERE to view Past Bernice Goldblatt Fellows


Bernice Goldblatt Fellows Recipients