Every Step Matters

On October 13, 2024, I will be running the Chicago Marathon in support of the Cancer Research Foundation. This is my third marathon, and I am excited to be running again with my son, Sam.

On average, it has taken me about 40,000 steps to complete each marathon. Without every one of those steps, I would not have achieved my goal. Cancer researchers are a lot like endurance runners. Every step they take is a step towards a finish line, and progress is made with each step. The Cancer Research Foundation invests in innovative projects and researchers with the hope that they take a step forward, or maybe a few steps forward, or even a leap forward. Like marathon runners, with each step forward they take, they help us all move towards a finish line where cancer is no more.

Please consider supporting the Cancer Research Foundation, as I take those 40,000 steps again this year. A penny per step raises $400; two dollars per thousand steps raises $80 – but know that all levels of support are welcome! I’m excited to share that an anonymous donor is willing to match up to $7,500 in contributions to my run. So, your donation will be doubled, enabling us to reach a total of $15,000!

Please click on the link below to donate, and please note in the comments field “Matt Marathon” before submitting.

Thank you very much for your support!