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Aug 12

The Cancer Research Foundation is pleased to announce that Lucy Godley, MD, PhD has been named the 2016 Cancer Research Foundation Fletcher Scholar.

In 1986 the CRF received a bequest to support a permanent fund to be known as the Eugene and Dorothy Fletcher Memorial Endowment with the income to be only used for laboratory research.  This generous gift was used to establish the Cancer Research Foundation Fletcher Scholars Award, which provides funding to individual senior scientists doing cancer research of exceptional import, using income earned from the endowment.

Dr. Godley is a Professor, Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago. She was a past recipient of the 2003 Young Investigator Award for her work on “Deciphering the Molecular Basis for the DNA Methylation Patterns in Cancer Cells,” as well as a current scientific team member of The Interdisciplinary Leukemia Project.

Dr. Godley’s project for the 2016 CRF Fletcher Scholar Award titled, “CHEK2 mutations as predisposition alleles for inherited hematopoietic malignancies” can be found here.