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Nov 16

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words... What About a Video?

As Cancer Research Foundation Young Investigator Grantees, all funded researchers agree to present their research to the Foundation's Board of Directors in a series of short lectures.  As a way to share the presentation with our wider donor base, we have posted the most recent set of talks on the Cancer Research Foundation YouTube page.  The newly posted presentations serve as great examples of how broadly the CRF can affect cancer science and how important the supports it provides can be. The lectures listed below are all from CRF Young Investigators funded in the last two years and highlight exciting work in genomics, cancer focused protein chemistry and epigenetics. These talks also do a great job of showing all of the different types of ideas and fields of study now being brought to bear on cancer and the broad reach of the work that the Cancer Research Foundation funds.

Newly posted presentations:

Megan McNerney, MD, PhD, 2013 YIA 

"The role of the Cux1 transcription factor in development and leukemia"

Jason Cheng, PhD, 2014 YIA 

"Chromatin Structure-driven Epigenetic Therapy in Myeloid Neoplasms"

Seungmin "Sam" Hwang, PhD, 2013 YIA

"Role of Autophagy in the Development and Function of Tumor Associated Macrophages"

Lev Becker, PhD, 2014 YIA 

"Metabolically activated macrophages in obesity-associated breast cancer"

Bryan Dickinson, PhD, 2014 YIA

"Evolution as design, engineering new function"

These and other CRF presentations can also be found on the Cancer Research Foundation YouTube page at