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Dec 13

After 25 years, Young Investigator Awards post a 4700% return on investment.

The Cancer Research Foundation is committed to making highly leveraged grants supporting young investigators and novel ideas in cancer science, intended to act as “seed money.” In addition, we have a steadfast commitment to operating in the most efficient way possible, keeping overhead costs low and fundraising strategies lean.  One way we can do that is to test the financial aspects of our   organization in the same way a for-profit business is tested, making sure to keep overhead low and  spend wisely.


One of the best ways to determine whether a business is spending its money wisely is to calculate its return on investment or ROI, to figure out what it gets for what it spends. The CRF has been formally awarding Young Investigator Awards for 25 years, supporting  researchers early in their  careers.  We recently followed up on a large number of those  grants  and our information indicates that researchers funded by the CRF as Young Investigators have gone on to receive larger, subsequent grants as their careers have progressed and those later grants represent a 4700% return on our original support!


Needless to say, this return would make any business more than happy. Further,  many of these researchers are now leaders in cancer science. This return proves how effective an organization can be if it focuses philanthropy in a meaningful niche and evidences the potential return on “seed money” grant-making.  We are so pleased to have such a concrete example of how the Cancer Research Foundation have made a significant contribution in the fight against cancer and we hope you will help us continue to make a difference.