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Apr 12

We are pleased to announce that the Interdisciplinary Leukemia Project has launched a new "What's New in t-AML" feature on the project''s website.what's new in t-AML

This page features significant recent studies in therapy-related Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Studies are organized into three main sections:  t-AML diagnosis and incidence, genetic abnormalities in t-AML, and t-AML treatment and outcomes.  Where possible, links to the primary publications are included. The page can be found at

The Interdisciplinary Leukemia Project is  a six-part systems biology-based interdisciplinary attack on therapy-based Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a secondary cancer that strikes 8 to 10% of cancer survivors. The five year program includes high-throughput genomic screening, work in blood stem cells, clinical trials and high-level informatics, all focused on the same disease and pursued at the same time in a coordinated manner. While the primary goal of this project is to find answers surrounding this terrible disease, the hope is that by applying a systems-based approach to cancer research, the project will be able to change the way that cancer science is pursued.

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