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Mar 24

As a part of their award, CRF Young Investigators must provide an interim report on the progress they are making in their research. The Cancer Research Foundation is pleased to present interim reports from the Young Investigator Award winners named in the fall of 2009.

Peter A. Savage, PhD                                                                                 

 "Development and function of tumor-associated regulatory T cells"

Original Proposal               Interim Report

Justin P. Kline, MD                                                                                                 

"Identification and uncoupling of immune evasion mechanisms in the hematological malignancies"

Interim Report

Donald J. Vander Griend, PhD                                                                              

"Function of the stem cell marker CD133 in the progression of castrate-resistant prostate cancer"

Original Proposal                Interim Report

Mohan L. Gupta, Jr., PhD                                                                          

"Defining the biological role of the Taxol-binding region on microtubules"

Original Proposal                Interim Report

Sonia S. Kupfer, MD                                                                                                           

"Vitamin D metabolism genes and risk of colorectal cancer in African Americans"

Original Proposal                Interim Report

Vani J. A. Konda, MD                                                                                            

"In vivo and ex vivo assessments of colorectal tumorigenesis and response to EGFR blockade by endoscopic confocal and magnetic resonance imaging"

Interim Report