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Aug 02

Onel ArticleWe are pleased to share with you this great article written by Stephen Phillips and appearing in the Summer 2012 issue of Medicine on the Midway,  published by the University of Chicago Medicine.

The article profiles a major relationship between genetic variants and the development of secondary cancers uncovered by Dr. Ken Onel.  Dr. Onel is one of two recently name 2012 Fletcher Scholars  and is also part of the team working on the CRF-funded Interdisciplinary Leukemia Project. The work the article describes in therapy-related Acute Myeloid Leukemia is directly related to that project as well

In addition, the latter part of the article refers to Dr. Onel's collabortation with Chung-I Wu, a professor of Ecology and Evolution. This partnership, intended to apply principals from evolutionary biology to cancer development is a critical part of the project Dr. Onel will be pursunig in his Fletcher Scholar project: “Exploiting Darwin to Overcome Drug Resistance in Leukemia”.

Read the article here.