Resources faq

I have cancer. Where can I go for treatment?

We are unable to provide official recommendations for treatment facilities. However, the National Cancer Institute provides phone assistance to patients and their families at 1-800-4-CANCER.

Does the Cancer Research Foundation accept donations of clothes, household items, and furniture?

Currently, CRF is not equipped to accept, sell, or use in-kind donations of clothing, household items, or furniture. In the Greater Chicago Area, the Cancer Federation facilitates a pick-up service for such material goods, and can be reached at 1-888-875-4066.

Does the Cancer Research Foundation directly employ physicians?

No. The CRF is primarily a grant-making institution, with a focus on novel science and support for new ideas and new talent in the field of cancer research. Our grants provide many scientists with the funding they need to proceed with their potentially lifesaving work. We do not conduct in-house research or provide patient services and consultations.

How can I apply to work at CRF?

Due to our commitment to extremely low overhead costs, the CRF employs minimal staff. As such, our hiring processes are few and far between. However, we invite job seekers to submit their names and contact information for such a time as we encounter staff vacancies.

I've got a great idea to raise money for cancer research! Is CRF interested?

Yes! Every year we team up with volunteers who have great ideas for how to fight cancer in their own ways. Successful fundraisers can be an excellent way to help our scientists in their race for the cure. Call our offices at 312-630-0055 or send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

What is CRF's overhead?

CRF spends an extremely small average of 8% of our funds on overhead, including administrative and fundraising expenses, leaving 92% to be channeled directly into research. While we applaud some other agencies that effectively and faithfully provide a large range of services and thus spend more on overhead, the Cancer Research Foundation's streamlined focus on research allows us to pursue it with a uniquely effective tenacity.

I'm a researcher seeking funding for my work. How can I learn more?

Please refer to our Programs section for information on learning more and applying for CRF funding.

What is the difference between a Cancer Center, a Clinical Cancer Center, and a Comprehensive Cancer Center?

Cancer Centers focus on basic research or cancer control research, but do not have clinical oncology programs.

Clinical Cancer Centers conduct programs in clinical research, and may also have programs in other research areas.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers perform research in three major areas: basic research, clinical research, and cancer prevention, control, and population-based research. Each must also have a strong body of interactive research that bridges these research areas. In addition, a Comprehensive Cancer Center must conduct activities in outreach, education and information provision, which are directed toward and accessible to both health care professionals and the lay community. All NCI - designated cancer centers must pass rigorous peer review and are reevaluated every 3 to 5 years.

Today, more than 40 U.S. cancer centers meet the NCI criteria for comprehensive status. The University of Chicago Cancer Research Center is a leading comprehensive cancer center.

What is (Insert Obscure Medical Term)?

Cancer research jargon and terminology can be extremely difficult to understand, given the extreme complexity and high level at which these medical professionals are working. Please refer to our Layman's Dictionary of Cancer Terminology, or to the NCI's Dictionary of Cancer Terms.

How can I learn more about cancer, cancer treatment, and support for cancer patients?

See our list of Other Cancer Organizations for helpful information on a number of relevant topics related to cancer.

What type of donor privacy policy does the Cancer Research Foundation have in place to ensure that my contact information will not be sold, traded or rented to any other organizations?

The Cancer Research Foundation does not sell, trade, rent or share names, addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses of our donors. Our full privacy policy can be found here.