Programs recipients

Mark Applebaum, MD - 2015 Young Investigator Award

Clinical Associate, Department of Pediatrics   ·   University of Chicago

“Utilizing Hypoxia-Response Models to Identify Novel Neuroblastoma Therapy”

Awarded a $75,000 Young Investigator AwardMark Applebaum, MD

Similar to other cancers, neuroblastoma tumors have decreased access to oxygen compared to normal cells. This causes changes in the tumor cells that lead to aggressive growth and therapy resistance. We hypothesize that an improved understanding of the genes responsible for this response will allow for the development of more effective treatments for patients with neuroblastoma. We aim to verify the role of several genes we believe are important in this process and will identify additional genes by incorporating information across multiple tumor types in order to find new avenues for target treatments for patients.

2017 YIA Interim Report