Programs recipients

Cindy Leung Tsao 2000 - 2001 Bernice Goldblatt Fellow

2000 - 2001 Bernice Goldblatt Fellow

Cindy Leung TsaoI would like to thank the Goldblatt family for supporting me during my first year of graduate school. It was my dream to get a PhD and this support helped make that dream come true. When I look back at my graduate school experience, I treasure the time I spent pursuing my research interests and the many lessons and skills I learned in the process. Even though I am no longer conducting research, my PhD has provided many opportunities for me to work in the pharmaceutical industry-first as an oncology medical science liaison at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Seattle, WA, and now as a medical communications manager in neurodegenerative diseases in Geneva, Switzerland.

Not only has the Goldblatt Fellowship allowed me to realize my professional dreams, but it has also allowed me to realize my personal dream of living and working in Europe. The Goldblatts have changed my life through their generosity and their value for education. I am forever appreciative and grateful for their wonderful gift.