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Danielle Glick 2005 - 2006 Bernice Goldblatt Fellow

2005 - 2006 Bernice Goldblatt Fellow

Danielle GlickI am very grateful to the Goldblatt family for their generous support. The Goldblatt family and their contributions to the University of Chicago have allowed me to become the scientist that I always wanted to be. Their gift has allowed me to pursue very interesting topics in several controversial and exciting fields of research. As a student at the University of Chicago, I gained knowledge in cancer, diabetes, and development—all of which enable me to approach my current research from many points of view, with a broad knowledge base.

I graduated from the University of Chicago in July, and I have now decided to continue my studies as a postdoctoral fellow. This will allow me to further address important research questions and, hopefully, make discoveries that will lead to the eradication of devastating diseases.

My research focuses on the investigation of metabolism and how it influences disease states (cancer and diabetes) and development (stem cell differentiation). Specifically, my work is focused on the role of a mitochondrial protein, BNip3, in liver metabolism. BNip3 is deregulated in many tumor types, and its expression decreases in hepatocellular carcinoma. My work found that loss of BNip3 in a mouse model caused hepatic steatosis, hypoglycemia during fasting, and increased futile cycling at the mitochondria that increased levels of a strong antioxidant, NADPH. My project investigating the liver specific role of BNip3 provides insight into how loss of BNip3 contributes to tumorigenesis through changing the cellular metabolism and reducing ROS burden. I am now studying metabolism in human stem cells and investigating how changes in cellular metabolism promote differentiation into cell types that allow for therapeutic potential.