Programs recipients

Donald J. Vander Griend, Ph.D. - 2009 Young Investigator Award

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Section of Urology   ·   University of Chicago

Function of the Stem Cell Marker CD133 in the Progression of Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer

Awarded a $75,000 2009 Young Investigator Award

There is a growing paradigm demonstrating that cancer lethality is the result of the hierarchical expansion of "cancer stem cells" which function as stem-like cells to maintain malignant growth. In prostate cancer, such cancer stem cells are thought to contribute to cancer relapse after hormone therapy. The stem cell marker CD133 has been documented to mark prostate cancer stem cells, but little is known regarding its function and clinical relevance in prostate cancers. The aim of this proposal is to address whether CD133 is a viable target for the development of new methods to predict prostate cancer recurrence as well as new therapies to treat prostate cancers.

Fall 2010 Interim Report