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Oct 24

Corporate life is stressful, your calendar is full and you still have a whole other world of demands waiting at home. Don't let this stop you from supporting causes dear to you like the Cancer Research Foundation.  Your workplace can offer you a whole menu of ways to support the Cancer Research Foundation, often with very little effort on your part.

Workplace giving is part of the Cancer Research Foundation's DNA.  When the Foundation was started, some of its most valuable fundraising came from a fund started and managed by the Goldblatt's Stores employees. The Cancer Research Foundation has been supported by every type of employer. We have long time supporters in the CFC as well as corporations across the nation.

There are a number of ways your employer can help you support the Cancer Research Foundation:

Employee giving campaigns:

Many employers host employee giving campaigns where employees can make a pledge to have a certain amount reduced from their paycheck, with the pledge being drawn either all at once or a small amount with each paycheck. Because the CRF is a recognized 501 (c)3 these gifts can often be withdrawn before taxes are applied.                                            

United Way and other third party campaigns:

The United Way is a great way for employers to make it easy to give back.  Many United Way campaigns will allow you to write in any recognized non-profit charity, like the CRF.  If that option is not provided, please let your HR director know so that the option can be added.

Workplace Foundations and Matching Funds:

Many large businesses create their own foundations or matching funds to support their communities and the causes their employees care about.  These organizations often either take requests from employees as to the contributions they make or agree to match contributions that their employees make.  This is a great way to double the power of your gift to the Cancer Research Foundation.

Workplace Charitable Drives:

Whether it's by agreeing to hold a "Blue Jeans Day" on Friday or a corporate bowl-a-thon, workplace charitable drives are a great way to strengthen relationships and build strong corporate cultures.  Contact us at 312-630-0055 for some great ideas.

Contributions in Lieu of Holiday Parties or Customer Gifts:

Wouldn't your customers rather hear about a contribution made in their names rather than another calendar?  We would be happy to work with you to create a great way to let people know how your company decided to celebrate the holidays with meaning.

Each year we promise ourselves to make a difference in our community; workplace giving programs offer you not only the opportunity to make a difference but also ways to give back with very little effort or extra time. We urge you to consider these options and see if they are a good fit for your workplace - if they are not already available!