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Jun 06

How to Get Involved

Ever since the very beginnings of modern medicine, doctors have needed the support of the community in order to do their best work. At the Cancer Research Foundation, we aspire to provide that support, both to talented new researchers and to the most skilled and experienced ones. You can help us to put the best tools into the hands of the best scientists, so that we can give future generations the promise of new cures.

What can you do?

Your contribution to the search for the cure is limited only by your means and creativity. Here are a few ways you can leave a legacy of hope:

  • Give a little each month. Unfortunately, hundreds of brilliant cancer research projects go unfunded each year. While a $20 monthly contribution may not seem like much on its own, you'll be joining a great number of others across the nation who are doing the same. A steady, reliable stream of funding is truly the greatest boon any researcher can hope for. Help us to provide such a stream for one more of them.
  • Do your own fundraiser! Every year, energetic people who want to have a little fun while they're doing something good organize fundraisers for cancer research. All it takes is an idea, a place, and a caring individual who can show folks a good time while raising funds to benefit promising medical science.
  • Get informed. While high-level research is often technical and difficult for laypersons to fully understand, the search for the cure needs people outside the lab who have not only the ability to help others understand the science, but the knowledge of which important discoveries are worth getting excited about.
  • Volunteer. The Cancer Research Foundation has periodic openings for volunteers to help in our offices or with events. We are also happy to recommend other volunteer opportunities for those in search of them when we are not currently accepting new volunteers.
  • Attend a CRF event. The Cancer Research Foundation occasionally holds fundraisers and other events in support of our work. To learn about an upcoming or past event, please visit our Events page.

However you choose to show your passion for fighting cancer, remember that every contrubition is valuable. From the smallest idea to the largest donation, the mission to defeat this terrible disease requires a little something from each of us.