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Sep 30

A Lighthearted Game for a Serious Cause

For the fourth consecutive year, Josh Michelman, an architectural salesman from New York, successfully combined the popular college game with a little ingenuity and a lot of good will to put on the Beer Pong Tournament for Cancer Research. The event, which took place on May 9th in Manhattan, originally began as a response to the cancer-related death of a best friend.

"We always feel so defenseless. This was our way of fighting back, and we wanted to have fun while doing it," said Josh.

In order to enter the bracketed tournament, each participant made a donation to the Cancer Research Foundation, to aid in our ongoing fight against cancer.

The CRF would like to thank Josh-whose lifetime goal is to raise 1 million dollars for cancer research-as well as his co-organizers Ian Wetzel, Sean Kraft, and Jacob Michelman, for their time, energy, and inventiveness. This event put Josh $4,000 closer to his goal. Way to go, guys!