About financial_reporting

As a responsible member of the philanthropic community, the Cancer Research Foundation believes in full accountability. We think the more you know about how we run our organization and how we direct the money we raise, the more you will want to help us fight the battle against cancer.

The Cancer Research Foundation operates on a fiscal year which ends on the 31st of March. After each fiscal year ends, our financial records are audited by  Goettsche, Tranen, Winter and Russo.  Copies of the most recent financial audits are availible below.

As a registered 501(c)3 organization, the Cancer Research Foundation also annually files a report with the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS Form 990 (Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax.)  Our most recent return is availible below as a pdf document.

The Cancer Research Foundation is happy to make copies of the most recent versions of either of these documents availible through the mail if requested in writing.